Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装

Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装

Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装

Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装

Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装

#Luk Yik Kee 包装设计/品牌包装#
作者:zero .
Luk Yik Kee is the one of the only and oldest handmade cutlery houses left in Hong Kong. Mr.Luk Si Yik established this unique craft since 1900. Using mother-of-pearl as the core material, he persisted in using hand made techniques to polish and assemble the fine cutlery.

In the 90”s, as the craft trade in Hong Kong declined, Mr.Luk continued to design and made quality cutlery, in order to pass on the artistry. It is until 2015, Mr.Luk”s great grand daughter wanted to revive the vintage artistry into a modern day brand. Zero were grateful to be invited in designing its new identity along with the packaging.

The importance of historical value is affirmed with the form of a Chinese scroll. The hexagonal design represents the surname “Luk”, which sounds like “six” in Cantonese. The sophisticated history are commemorated in the 6 sides of the scroll. The customers would experience the artistry with the appreciation of Luk Yik Yee”s long-lived story.


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